Ioannina,the heart of Epirus

Acest guest post este scris de Iulia Manda in cadrul ,,Jurnalului de calatorie” care astfel ne încântă cu un fotoreportaj interesant din inima Greciei, primul de altfel în limba engleză.

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Ionnina is a beautiful place in the north‐west of Greece at about 600 metres above the sea level.The city has a special style seemed more like with the Italian’s cities with narrow streets and lots of places where you can eat or drink beer,juice or coffee.With the coffee is a long story in Greece.The coffee houses are the places where the men come to drink a coffee and talk,and this for about two or three hours. They consider it a traditional place where they come to talk about personal problems,politics,business and others. For a tourist,this is the perfect place where can see the real life of Greeks .

Although Ioannina is a small city,it has a lot of interesting places to visit. For exemple the Pamvotis lake,where you can make a short excursion to the island .You can visit the mosque of Aslan Pasha or you can go for a walk in the castle,along the old streets and up to the citadel,from where you can see the whole city and the lake. The specific of Ioannina is the silverwork ,you can find many shops with silver jewelry,decorative objects and others.


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